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Giving Thanks Where It's Due

Thanks Due
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A community to say thank you to anyone and everyone.
Ever had someone really help you out? Had a stranger perform an altruistic deed and vanish before you could really say thanks?

Here's a place you can share the great things people are capable of. Give thanks where it's due, to strangers, friends, family or even people you've never met personally. Quote news stories, good news, anything you'd like to share.

There's so much bad news on LiveJournal ... let's make this community something to counter that.

There is so much that annoys us, and burdens us, and makes us think our lives suck. But try to take the focus off the bad for a change, and look at all the good in your life. We all have things to be grateful for. Whether that gratitude is directed toward a deity, fate, or other people doesn't matter.

Cynics are not welcome. Neither are pessimists. This community is about thankfulness, and the uplifting spirit of being blessed by the heavens, or fate, or the kindness of others, and sharing it with others.

Don't keep that for which you are thankful to yourself! Share it with us.